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aromatherapy associates

aromatherapy associates

Last week was a good post week. I received the beauty haul pictured above and have been smelling like a rose and lavender-filled dream since, even if I do say so myself. Aromatherapy Associates Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser is a product that needs no introduction and since posting a picture on Instagram, numerous friends have come out of the woodwork professing their love for it. I’m now a convert too – it keeps my skin moisturised all day and it smells DIVINE.


Nourish is a natural, anti-aging skin care range. Light and gentle, this Nourish Balance Detoxifying Cleanser is perfect for combination skin (what I have) and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

Aromatherapy associates

aromatherapy associates

I’m more of a bath girl than shower (might be something to do with my inherent laziness), but Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil can be used in either. The essential oils smell luxurious, feel like a real treat and leave my skin feeling super soft, just from adding a capful to the bath.


As well as feeling refreshing and light, when I first apply Nourish Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum my skin feels taut and like puffiness has been reduced – a definite benefit for me over oil-based serums.


The Nourish Relax Calming Moisturiser has a beautiful lavender scent and a rich, creamy consistency, making it perfect for a night cream. The calming lavender relaxes and having used it after cleansing and toning, it is light enough to let your skin breathe but feels like it is restoring your skin after a long day.

Thanks to Nourish and Aromatherapy Associates for gifting these products.

Aromatherapy Associates is available at Space NK.



  1. katalinmagic · · Reply

    These all look tempting, especially the detoxifying cleanser and the calming moisturizer!

    1. The calming moisturiser is a life-saver, perfect for night-time 🙂

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