Emo Upcycling

Firstly, I know these photos suck. But the weather has been so crap since the beginning of time, that I haven’t been able to face putting on an inappropriate outfit and heels and have someone take photos of me in the rain, whilst passers-by think I am the most conceited person of all time (they are right).

So instead I have taken some terrible photos of some drawers I bought from a charity shop and painted (using this magic stuff- it’s fine, thank me later) and turned them into my favourite piece of furniture in my house.




(Pretty gross huh?)



I got way too excited and did some psuedo-styling to make them look more Pinterest friendly. (Did I mention I’m obsessed with Pinterest?)


I love dark furniture anyway but using this meant  there was no need for sanding or primer. I’m currently in the process of painting everything I own with chalkboard paint.

(While you’re at it, follow me on Instagram too)



  1. Um, hello! This is why I LOVE Pinterest!

  2. This is a great idea, thank you for sharing!

  3. A great bit of upcycling! I did that recently with a 60s chest of drawers I bought on ebay and some teal paint – it might sound weird but they came up really well! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! Jane

  4. All Things Jasmine · · Reply

    Great idea! I did some walls with chalkboard paint, never thought of doing furniture with it!

  5. I love the last pic!! Really lovely, and you are so cute 🙂
    If you want to have a look at my blog it would be nice 😉

  6. great job with the painting and the styling! if i were as motivated as you i would finally paint my ikea dresser that i’ve been thinking pf painting for the longest time!

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